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Having a great time at Grangehurst Winery

Grangehurst Winery is a lovely place. We instantly fell in love with the rural setting right between Somerset West and Stellenbosch, Cape Winelands, Western Cape, South Africa, in front of the magnificent backdrop of the majestic Helderberg Mountain.

View of Helderberg Mountain, Grangehurst Winery, Stellenbosch, South Africa

The family run wine farm is far from the hustle and bustle of the towns and about one kilometre away from the R44. During our stays in 2010, 2013 and 2014 we enjoyed very relaxing and peaceful days there.

We learned to know Mandy and Jeremy Walker with her two lovely daughters as very hearty, welcoming and caring hosts. We were not only considered as paying guests, but soon as friends, and this made our stays very special and personal! They even invited us to join them for dinner when they had friends as guests. It was a very nice evening, although it was not always easy for us to follow the English conversation between the mother-tongue speakers…

Each time at Grangehurst Winery we stayed in the luxury smaller cottage, which lies directly at the property border, overlooking the adjacent vineyard, nicely hidden by a tree giving shade for the private terrace. We enjoyed very peaceful evenings here, having a braai (Jeremy helped us to set up the fire properly…), savouring Jeremy's fantastic red wines, and watching the funny guinea fowls hurrying along the field from left to right and back…

Overlooking the vineyards, Grangehurst Winery, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Often the two dogs Black Zac and Kia (brother and sister) joined us at dinner time. They were so friendly, quiet dogs, never begging for food, just looking for company. You must know that I am from a postman family (my grandpa was a postman, my father was a postman, and even I and my younger brother worked as postmen during our studies), and dogs and postmen have a very, let’s say, special relationship… So I always tried to avoid dogs. But in South Africa this is almost impossible, especially in rural areas, where they are often needed as watchdogs. As if South African dogs would be aware of that circumstance, each time we encounter one of them it comes to me, welcomes me, wants to make friends… Over the years they somehow taught me to become more familiar with them, so that one day I even started to stroke them. At Grangehurst finally Black Zac went with me for a walk, just accompanied me when I went for a short stroll. I am sure he wanted to look after me and protect me of other dogs. Quite an unforgettable experience for me…

Breakfast on the terrace of the smaller cottage at Grangehurst Winery, Stellenbosch, South Africa

When we visitied Grangehurst Winery in June 2014 it was a really sad moment to hear that both dogs had died…

But let’s get back to the accommodation: We love self-catering holidays, and the smaller cottage is perfectly equipped for this purpose. The open-plan kitchen offers enough space so that I can help Claudia preparing food (in smaller kitchen she prefers to throw me out…). You can eat at the kitchen counter, but we love sitting outside as often as possible. And so we always had breakfast or dinner outside on the shady terrace, enjoying the fresh and clean air, and the views of the surrounding vineyards. That was not always possible during our stay in June 2014, in the South African winter. Then we really appreciated the heated floor very much!

Inside the smaller cottage at Grangehurst Winery, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Grangehurst Winery is a quiet working farm, not very busy, and Jeremy, even when his schedule as winemaker was very tight showed us around. He explained a lot and let us taste his newest pinotage fresh from the tank. Quite a surprising experience, because it had already full alcohol but still tasted like grape juice. After a few years of storage it would have become another one of Jeremys‘ fantastic wines. We love his reds, for example the Nikela!

Of course we had a few wine tastings in the tasting room, which is attached to the bigger cottage. Mandy explained the wines, and we learned that Jeremy was the former winemaker of Clos Malverne in Stellenbosch which is also a beautiful spot inmidst of vineyards and pure nature. You should go and try their restaurant!

An excellent place to enjoy Grangehurst wines for a sundowner is the property border near the larger cottage. From there you have a great view of Table Mountain in the far distance. Fantastic at sunset time!

Table Mountain at sunset, seen from Grangehurst Winery, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Before leaving we always stocked up with Jeremys‘ delicious wine to survive the time outside of the Winelands. And if we ran out of stock, we knew that fortunately our favorite Restaurant Aubergine in Cape Town offers Grangehurst wines as house wine!