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Update September 23, 2016

Enjoy Beer and Chocolate Tasting at Spice Route in Paarl!

Enjoy a great day out at Spice Route in Paarl with its beautiful beer garden, home brewed beer, the chocolate tasting room and great views down to the valley!

Enjoying a beer in the beergarden at Spice Route, Paarl

No, no, this is not a beer garden in Germany, but it looks a little bit like one, doesn't it?!

You find me here enjoying a beer from the CBC (Cape Brewing Company) brewery at Spice Route in Paarl. The brewing master is a German who worked at Paulaner in Cape Town before it closed down. So maybe there is a little influence from that direction...

When visiting South Africa this time we planned to go to Seidelberg Estate again where we spent a nice afternoon a few years ago. The place offers great views over the winelands up to Table Mountain from the terrace!

Fantastic view from Spice Route, Paarl

But Seidelberg has gone, has been sold and turned into Spice Route, a large area with beer garden, restaurants, artists' show rooms, own beer brewery and chocolate factory. It offers so much that you can easily spend several hours there! We did - and we enjoyed it very much!

We started with a beer brewed with respect to the Reinheitsgebot (which is 500 years now!) and an almost authentic, delicious Flammkuchen in the beer garden, enjoying great views up to the mountains.

Then we visited the chocolate factory where we could watch the chocolate production through a glass panel. In the chocolate tasting room the four girls Raquel, Ivana, Marilyn, and Mellissa explained everything, and we could taste the various chocolate types from Uganda,  Venezuela, Sao Tomé and Madagascar. Yummy!

You could feel that they like their job. Chocolate makes happy!

Raquel, Ivana, Marilyn, and Mellissa help you with tasting and buying chocolate at Spice Route, Paarl

We got thursty again and went to the brewery next door. We had a beer tasting and learned that the hop is imported from Germany! It's said to be better then the South African hop, but can you really be sure and taste the difference? I personally also like the several South African beers which I find very good as well!

Cape Brewing Company offers various types of beer at Spice Route, Paarl

Strolling through the area you will also find a café and a distillery and much more, and you can buy biltong and taste a great selection of wine as well.

So go to Spice Route - it's definitely worth a visit!