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Update September 29, 2016

Ready for a sundowner on top of Table Mountain?

What’s one of the most faszinating experiences in Cape Town? Yes, you’re right: Climbing up Table Mountain, or taking the cableway up, and having a sundowner on top!

Sunset on top of Table Mountain

Taking the cableway is of course much more comfortable than hiking up the mountain – if it is not too windy! Visit the official website and you find current information – and sometimes the indication that the cableway is closed, due to weather conditions. The way up is very steep, and the cable is fixed between the lower and the upper station without any support…! So they must close the cableway if the weather doesn’t permit the cableway to move.

View from the cableway down to Cape Town

The next information you must pay attention to is the time of sunset (check out here: Sunset times in Cape Town) and the time of the last ride down! See if you can make it to see the sunset on top of the Table Mountain. If you are lucky and the last down is after the sunset it’s worth to go up even in the late afternoon to have an awsome experience!

When we arrived in Cape Town in the last week of February we knew that with the 1st of March the time schedule for the cableway would change. It changes in a way that you can’t see the sunset from top for weeks… So on the very first nice day (fortunately we had a lot of nice days…) we took the lazy way up (we hiked up a few years ago, but that’s another story) and had once again a wonderful view down to the City Bowl.

View from top of Table Mountain down to Lions Head and the City Bowl

A lot of people bought a bottle of wine in the little shop on top of the mountain – and so we did. There you even can borrow wine glasses for free if you don’t want to drink your red wine out of the bottle (tip: just not to be disappointed by the lack of glasses be prepared and bring your own!)…

Having a rest on top of Table Mountain

From the plattform which is only a short stroll away from the upper station you have an amazing view along the Twelve Apostles, just down to the Cape of Good Hope, and with the sun-lightened houses of Camps Bay to your feet! When we were waiting for the sunset clouds came from the ocean and began to cover the coast…

Twelve Apostles at sunset

Soon Camps Bay wasn’t visible any more. The clouds climbed over Signal Hill and covered the City Bowl which glowed in the last sunlight of the day…

Clouds covering the City Bowl of Cape Town at sunset


Ok – now you have to hurry to catch the last cableway down…!


What about you? Already had a sundowner on top of Table Mountain?