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Great stay at Tanagra Wine and Guestfarm, McGregor, South Africa

Our first stay in the idyllic McGregor Valley was a very relaxing and enjoyable one – thanks to a phantastic stay on the Tanagra Wine and Guestfarm with its self-catering accommodation.

We already got to know some places and areas in the Cape Winelands and along the famous Route 62. This year we wanted to see something new and decided to focus on the lovely valley of McGregor which lies a little bit off the Route 62. Searching the internet we soon found an interesting place to stay: The Tanagra Wine and Guestfarm. The names of the owners sounded very German, and after first email contact we smiled a little bit: It turned out that Anette and Robert Rosenbach were from a small town very close to Dusseldorf (our home town)! It’s a small world! So there was an instant connection, and we booked the Garden Cottage for three nights – and it was a very good decision!

Garden Cottage, Tanagra Wine and Guestfarm, McGregor, South Africa

Coming from De Hoop, we entered the remote and quiet valley of McGregor in the afternoon. The location of McGregor in a cul-de-sac has pros and cons. One of the pros for us was definitely that it is not very busy because there is no through traffic. You can go to McGregor and not further! But why should you! It’s nice here! Stay!

Jupp, the dog welcomed us, but in contrast to most other South African dogs he was not very interested in me (see my explanations in my article about our stay at the Grangehurst Winery) but in Claudia. Maybe he was already too German…

Pool, Tanagra Wine and Guestfarm, McGregor, South Africa

We were lucky to have the pool area totally for us because we were the only guests for those three days! And we really enjoyed it! It was hot, 35 degrees, but thanks to the shady trees around the pool even I could enjoy the sun without sunscreen (normally I have to use it every day in South Africa…).

Wild fig tree at Tanagra Wine and Guestfarm, McGregor, South Africa

It was real fun to listen to the amazing sound of the apparent thousands of birds which were living in the giant wild fig tree that gave Tanagra its name. We were just lying on our sunloungers and listened – terrific!

We loved the Garden Cottage! It’s an old style cottage with small windows and hence pleasantly cool inside when it’s hot outside. The kitchen was very well equipped, and Claudia cooked some great dishes there. Of course we also used the braai on the terrace. We had some delicious lamb and pork chops and enjoyed Jupps company…

Braai at Garden Cottage, Tanagra Wine and Guestfarm, McGregor, South Africa

Great also to sit on the terrace in the mild evening, watching the stars!

We hadn’t known the Tanagra wines before, but we instantly fell in love with them after the first wine tasting. Normally a Cabernet Franc is not so mine, but the Tanagra one is phenomenous! Also their Shiraz! Claudia is also very happy with the Heavenly Chaos, which is very good, but not my favorite. Maybe it's because I usually like order more than chaos…

Gumtree Apartment, Tanagra Wine and Guestfarm, McGregor, South Africa

Anette and Robert recommended some restaurants in the little town of McGregor of which one unfortunately was closed during our stay, but they could book a table for us at the other one: The Tebaldis. We had a very nice evening there, sitting on the terrace, close to the Temenos gardens, in pleasantly still warm evening weather… It was a nice, relaxed atmosphere with good food and attentive and very friendly service!

Vineyard at Tanagra Wine and Guestfarm, McGregor, South Africa

From Tanagra as base we visited Springfield Wine Estate for a quick wine tasting before having lunch at Van Loveren. We can only recommend that!

But you know, you cannot only drink and eat the whole time, sometimes you have to move your body, and so we went for a short hike on the Tanagra Farm and explored the vineyards and the more pristine areas of the property. We passed reed, twice as high as we are, and old trees along a dry riverbed – really exciting!

Our conclusion on our stay at Tanagra Wine and Guestfarm: We had a very relaxing time in a cozy cottage with delicious wines right at your door step and great restaurants nearby! What do you want more on your holiday!