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Category "Discover", May 22, 2017 - Stefan Hollmann

Great stay at Tanagra Wine and Guestfarm, McGregor, South Africa

Our first stay in the idyllic McGregor Valley was a very relaxing and enjoyable one – thanks to a phantastic stay on the Tanagra Wine and Guestfarm with its self-catering accommodation.

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Category "Discover", April 9, 2017 - Stefan Hollmann

Having a great time at Grangehurst Winery

Grangehurst Winery is a lovely place. We instantly fell in love with the rural setting right between Somerset West and Stellenbosch, Cape Winelands, Western Cape, South Africa, in front of the magnificent backdrop of the majestic Helderberg Mountain.

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Category "Discover", September 17, 2016 - Stefan Hollmann
Update September 23, 2016

Enjoy Beer and Chocolate Tasting at Spice Route in Paarl!

Enjoy a great day out at Spice Route in Paarl with its beautiful beer garden, home brewed beer, the chocolate tasting room and great views down to the valley!

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Category "Wine & Dine", February 21, 2016 - Stefan Hollmann
Update April 13, 2016

On the Breede River in Robertson: Relaxing boat cruise with wine and picnic

What is best to do on a hot summer day in the Cape Winelands? Go to Viljoensdrift in Robertson and enjoy a relaxing boat cruise on the Breede River with wine and a picnic! We tried it this February, and we really enjoyed it!

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Category "Safari", January 30, 2016 - Stefan Hollmann
Update January 31, 2016

Nature shows its true colors: Our first lion kill

Mostly game drives are very peaceful. You see young elephants playing on the road next to your car, an elegant giraffe slowly eating some leafs of a thorny bush, and maybe a funny family of warthogs walking along with you. But sometimes you observe more thrilling action, a lion kill - the brutal part of nature, but a big part of it. And when you see it like we did, you maybe also would get an unpleasant feeling…

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Category "Events", December 12, 2015 - Stefan Hollmann
Update September 28, 2016

The ultra experience: Two Oceans Marathon

A few years ago, on Saturday, the 3rd of April, the 41st (!) Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon took place in Cape Town. It had rained the night before, so the weather was pretty good for running.

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Category "Discover", November 22, 2015 - Stefan Hollmann
Update October 3, 2016

Taking a walk in Khayelitsha

Some years ago we stayed in Khayelitsha for a night in Vicky's B&B. The next morning three guys from the neighbourhood took as for a walk because we wanted to learn more about the living conditions there. And it was a really interesting walk...

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Category "Events", November 14, 2015 - Stefan Hollmann
Update November 18, 2015

A lovely evening in Kirstenbosch: Elton John in concert

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden does not only show thousands of flowers and plants, but hosts also a variety of musicians - local and international stars you can listen to while you're sitting on the lawn, having a nice picnic. When we stayed in Cape Town as FIFA-Volunteers during the World Cup 2010 we had the great chance to enjoy Sir Elton John in this beautiful setting!

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Category "Discover", November 7, 2015 - Stefan Hollmann
Update September 29, 2016

Hot Air Ballooning at Blyde River - a breath­taking experience!

South Africa’s landscape is amazing even from the ground, but what if you could enjoy it from the bird’s perspective? Let me tell you from our stunning hot air ballooning adventure near the Blyde River Canyon…

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Category "Wine & Dine", October 31, 2015 - Stefan Hollmann
Update October 3, 2016

Cape Town cuisine meets Germany - Aubergine Restaurant in the Black Forst

We have been travelling to South Africa since 2003, and each time we visit our favorite restaurant, the Aubergine Restaurant in Cape Town. Back home in Germany it was great to hear that renowned chef Harald Bresselschmidt would come to the Black Forest, Germany, for a South Africa dinner event. For us a good opportunity for a nice weekend excursion.

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