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Category "Safari", January 30, 2016 - Stefan Hollmann
Update January 31, 2016

Nature shows its true colors: Our first lion kill

Mostly game drives are very peaceful. You see young elephants playing on the road next to your car, an elegant giraffe slowly eating some leafs of a thorny bush, and maybe a funny family of warthogs walking along with you. But sometimes you observe more thrilling action, a lion kill - the brutal part of nature, but a big part of it. And when you see it like we did, you maybe also would get an unpleasant feeling…

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Category "Discover", October 24, 2015 - Stefan Hollmann
Update October 3, 2016

Penguins all over: The colony in Boulders

Some years after our last visit to the colony of the African Penguins in Boulders, we wanted to look how they are doing. And they are very well, walking fearless inbetween all the people on the paths and sometimes using your beach towel if you don’t pay attention…

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Category "Discover", October 17, 2015 - Stefan Hollmann

Rural Cape Town: A touch of Allgäu

Cape Town is a huge metropolitan area with a population of almost 3.75 million. But even not far from the city centre, in the City Bowl, next to Table Mountain, it is sometimes very rural…

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