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Category "Discover", October 24, 2015 - Stefan Hollmann
Update October 3, 2016

Penguins all over: The colony in Boulders

Some years after our last visit to the colony of the African Penguins in Boulders, we wanted to look how they are doing. And they are very well, walking fearless inbetween all the people on the paths and sometimes using your beach towel if you don’t pay attention…

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Category "Discover", October 3, 2015 - Stefan Hollmann
Update November 1, 2015

Clifton: A relaxed afternoon at the beach

One of Cape Town’s most famous attractions are its beautiful beaches, and of course we also spent some time there, e.g. for a sundowner at Llandudno beach. Clifton even offers four beaches, and one nice day in late April we relaxed a little bit in a caribbean atmosphere…

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