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About this blog

I don't know anybody who did not fell in love with South Africa, this wonderful country with its hospitable people, its great landscape, its exciting wildlife and superb wines! And so did I.

In 2003, my partner Claudia and I visited South Africa for the first time. That time we were a little bit intimidated by the numerous warnings and safety information in the guidebooks. Nevertheless, we immediately fell in love with this beautiful country and its friendly and hospitable people. We came back, and back, and back. Since then almost every year we have spent some time in South Africa, and an end is not in sight.

We have been travelling South Africa a lot, and we know several locations and people, but there is still more to discover. Our reports and stories shall encourage people to travel this wonderful country more individually and to have a wonderful time there.

Using the word which impressed me most in South Africa I invite you to discover enjoySouthAfrica: Enjoy!


Kind regards!